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Insect Killers

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Brand: nedis Model: S-MOSQU-000003
NEDIS INKI110CBK16 Electric insecticide device, 16W.Ideal to get rid of mosquitoes, gnats, bees, wasps etc.Environmentally friendly, without the use of chemical and repellent odorsWith UV-A ultraviolet light that attracts a wide range of insects, which are sensitive to light and kills them through t..
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Ex Tax:17.66€
WINTER SALES 2022 -52 %
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-MOSQU-000001
Rowenta MN4010F0 Mosquito repellent Protection against mosquitoes without chemicals and odors.Free of chemicals and odorless: there is no danger to humans and animalsLong lasting, quiet and environmentally friendly mosquito trapVIOLEDS UV LED technology optimized to attract mosquitoesIt absorbs and ..
39.00€ 81.90€
Ex Tax:31.45€
Telco IK608-13W
-51 %
Brand: Telco Model: S-MOSQU-000002
Electric Insect Trap 1200V Telco IK608-13WInsecticide with 1200V high voltage grid. High quality 1 × 13W fluorescent lamp.1200V high voltage gridSpecial grid design for maximum efficiencyHigh quality 1 × 13W fluorescent lampNo dangerous chemicals, annoying odors and fumesLow energy consumptionSocket..
19.99€ 40.90€
Ex Tax:16.12€
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