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Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Devices and enjoy crystal clear water!

Reverse osmosis is the best water filtration system in the world. The water goes through many stages of filtration. The reverse osmosis membrane has a permeability of 0.0001 microns (millimeters). The whole system is placed under the kitchen counter and you will need to make a hole in the counter so that you have a separate tap only for the filtered water.

It is the ideal water filtration system for islands that have brackish (very hard) water, as well as for houses that get water from drilling. Reverse osmosis completely removes salts, nitrates, chlorine, arsenic and all harmful chemicals that may be present in the water.


  • Heavy metal removal.
  • Removal of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, etc.).
  • Water softening, with obvious taste results.
  • Sodium excretion, especially important for people who have high blood pressure or are following a low sodium diet.
  • Water pH correction with a special final filter.
  • Ability to apply UV to sterilize water (viruses, bacteria, etc.).
  • Significant savings from the purchase of bottled water.
  • Significant reduction of plastic disposal than with the purchase of bottled water in plastic bottles.
  • Relief from the stress of supply and transportation of water.
  • Space saving.
  • Excellent water quality equal to the best commercial waters.
  • Low annual maintenance costs.
  • Low purchase and installation costs.
  • No daily. weekly or monthly maintenance by the user.

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