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AC/DC ADAPTOR MW MW-681 300mA 230V AC 1,5 to 12V DC 9W Universal AC/DC ADAPTOR MW MW-681 300mA 230V AC 1,5 to 12V DC 9W Universal
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Model: S-AUTOM-000016
AC/DC ADAPTOR MW MW-681 300mA 230V AC 1,5 to 12V DC 9W Universal300mA AC DC EU Universal Mains Plug Power Supply Charger Adapter Adaptor1,5V to 12V 300mA AC DC Universal Mains Plug Power Supply Charger Adapter Adaptor 1,5V to 12VWith 6 Output Voltages and 6 DC interchangeable plugsFor use with radio..
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Brand: brennenstuhl Model: S-AUTOM-000015
Brennenstuhl Indoor Weekly Digital Timer 1506320Maximum load: 16A/3600WAccuracy: +/-1 minute per month10 on/off programs with day, hour, minute settingsLarge screen with backlight to display days, hours (in 12/24-hour format)Minimum programming time: 1 minuteCountdown/random function and manual on/o..
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Brand: brennenstuhl Model: S-AUTOM-000011
Brennenstuhl 1506600Measurement of voltage, output frequency, current, efficiency, factor and powerCalculation of total energy consumption and energy costs in eurosTime measurement in hours and minutesIt helps to save cost and energy2 separate adjustable current values (daytime+evening)With child pr..
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Brand: SIEMENS Model: S-AUTOM-000005
MP-T Digital Thermostat - Thermometer with Remote Sensor.The MP-T is a universal, wall-mounted thermostat and thermometer with remote immersion sensor. It has good accuracy and resolution that exceed the requirements of most applications. Its modern exterior allows it to be placed indoors where othe..
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Model: S-AUTOM-000010
Goodbay 51277 Digital Timer Daily and weekly digital timer.10 ON / OFF programsMinimum programmable time 1 minute24-hour / 12-hour time displayBack-up battery includedPossibility of continuous operationChild protectionIdeal for repetitive tasksMax. power / current: 3500W / 16A..
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Brand: brennenstuhl Model: S-AUTOM-000013
Primera-Line Digital Weekly Timer DT IP44 by BrunnenstuhlExtra large display for days, hours in 12 and 24 hour-format, minutes and seconds.20 ON/OFF programmes for day, hour and minute setting.Easy 4 button operation.Shortest switching-time 1 minute.Countdown function.Random function.Manual ON/..
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Brand: SIEMENS Model: S-AUTOM-000004
Wall control for fan control with Off and selection of three speeds 0-1-2-3 SIEMENS RAB90.Contact voltage: AC 24… 250 VContact current: 0.2… 6 (2) ADegree of protection: IP30Dimensions (W x H x D): 96 x 97 x 36 mm..
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Soler & Palau SQA
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Brand: S&P Model: S-AUTOM-000003
SQA air quality sensor that automatically activates the fan when ambient air quality deteriorates below an acceptable level due to fumes, odors, smoke, fumes or humidity, etc.Adjustable run-on-timer function that allows the fan to operate for a default period of time after the air quality sensor is ..
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Telco E0103T
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Brand: Telco Model: S-AUTOM-000012
Telco E0103T desktop digital weather station with external wireless sensor, time display, alarm function and alarm snooze. Suitable for indicating indoor and outdoor temperature with the possibility of selecting a unit of measurement ° C or ° F and recording the maximum and minimum temperature.Speci..
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Telco E0113H
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Brand: Telco Model: S-AUTOM-000008
Telco E0113H Black Clock Thermobarometer With Humidity Indication.Clock Thermobarometer With Humidity Indication Telco E0113H Black.Characteristics:Temperature displayHumidity indicatorTime displayAlarm clockMinimum / maximum temperature recordingWith illuminated blue screen..
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Telco E0119TH
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Brand: Telco Model: S-AUTOM-000007
Telco Thermometer and Humidity Meter E0119THspecificationsTemperature displayHumidity indicatorAbility to select a unit of measurement ° C or ° FRecord maximum and minimum temperatureIndication of a satisfactory atmosphereRefrigerator temperature recording3 placement options:Wall-mountedMagneticFree..
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Telco IW001N
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Brand: Telco Model: S-AUTOM-000006
Meteorological station Telco IW001N with external wireless sensor that provides the possibility of internal and external indication of temperature and humidity. It has a daily weather forecast function but also a barometric pressure indicator with a graphic display of it!Setting for 12/24 hours.Mont..
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