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GA.MA. GSH 890

GA.MA. GSH 890
GA.MA. GSH 890
GA.MA. GSH 890
GA.MA. GSH 890
GA.MA. GSH 890
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GA.MA. GSH 890
GA.MA. GSH 890
GA.MA. GSH 890
GA.MA. GSH 890
GA.MA. GSH 890
GA.MA. GSH 890

GA.MA. GSH 890

GSH890 is an electric razor with Double Track cutting system: there are 2 circular blades inside 3 rotary heads that give you a shave to 0.1 mm, speeding up the process by covering a larger area on the face and neck.

The flexible heads guarantee a more efficient shave because they adapt to the face’s contours and have continuous contact with the skin which allows them to capture all hairs, meaning fewer passages are required over the same spot. Thanks to their rounded edges, they glide easily and gently over the skin without causing cuts or scratches.

The Double Track cutting system makes it possible to capture even the shortest hairs as well as those that grow in uneven directions, since it is able to lift and cut them as the blade passes over.

GSH890 has a retracting finisher, integrated into the body of the shaver, which is very useful to finish off facial hair.

With the cord-cordless operation, this shaver can be used without power cord for easier handling and freedom of movement. The battery power has an autonomy of 60 minutes and can be charged simply by connecting the shaver to the power mains (even during use) or placing it in the charger base and connecting this to the power mains.

The GSH890 razor is particularly easy to clean, thanks to the possibility to open the blade set and take out the individual heads. The maintenance kit includes a brush to remove the hairs trapped between the blades, and a protective cover to fit after use.

GSH890 has universal voltage (100-240V) and therefore it can be an excellent travel companion, able to be used in countries with different voltage systems to those used in Italy.

In the event that after a few years of use, you need to change the rotary heads on your shaver, the special replacement parts are available for GSH890.

  • Power: Cord-cordless
  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Cutting length: 0,1 mm
  • Cutting system: Double Track
  • No. heads: 3
  • Flexible heads: Yes
  • Finisher for facial hair: Yes
  • First charge time (hours): 10
  • Second time charge (hours): 8
  • Removable heads: Yes
  • Voltage (V): Multi-Volt 100-240V
  • Cordless use (min.): 60
  • Weight (g): 388
  • Functions: Shaver
  • Kit provided: Blade guard
  • Charging base
  • Cleaning brush
  • Power supply

Category Shaver

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Ex Tax: 40.24€
  • Stock: 2-4 Days
  • Model: S-MAN-000010
  • Weight: 0.50kg
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