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Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E

Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E
Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E
Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E
Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E
Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E
Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E
Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E
Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E
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Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E
Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E
Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E
Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E
Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E
Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E
Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E
Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E
Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E

Fully built-in dishwasher Indesit DIO 3C24 AC E 60cm. for 14 dishes

This Indesit built-in dishwasher features: a full-size dishwasher with an extremely large number of available seat settings. Extremely economical, reduced water consumption. White color. Innovative technology that ensures extremely quiet performance, so that the device operates with minimal noise. Adjustable legs, for perfect stability on non-flat floors and surfaces.

Floor light: An LED projecting on the floor indicates that the dishwasher is working. One of the following operating modes can be selected: a) Off mode. b) When the cycle starts, the light comes on for a few seconds, goes out during the cycle and flashes at the end of the cycle. c) The light stays on during the cycle and flashes at the end of the cycle (default mode). If the delayed start is set, the light comes on either for the first few seconds or for the entire duration of the countdown, depending on whether mode b) or c) is set. The light goes out every time the door is opened. To select your preferred function, turn on the machine, hold down the P button until one of the three letters appears on the screen, press the P button until you reach the desired letter (or function), hold down the P button to confirm the selection. Note: If the automatic door opening function is active and the door opens, then the function indicator will not flash at the end of the cycle.

Tray: The top shelf is equipped with a sliding tray that can be used to hold small crockery and cutlery. For optimal washing performance, avoid placing bulky crockery just below the tray. The disc is removable.

Automatic door opening: The dishwasher has an automatic door opening system that opens the door 10 ° at the end of the wash cycle thanks to the new temperature control with algorithm. This allows for a 25% improvement in drying efficiency, allowing steam from the wash to come out safely and your dishes to dry naturally.

Fast & Clean: "The fast cycle for perfect clean results in just 28 minutes. For lightly soiled dishes.

Intensive Program: Intensive program of long duration for very dirty utensils.

Tablet Selection: Makes the selected cycle ideal for Tablet use.

eXtra Hygiene: The eXtra Hygiene program is designed to provide optimal cleaning and drying results while ensuring top hygiene thanks to rinsing at a high temperature of 72 ° C.

Push & Go: Washed and Dry utensils in just 85 minutes.

Cabin made of 100% stainless steel.

eXtra: The Indesit eXtra collection includes many unique features designed to make your life simpler. For example, you can remove the top basket of the eXtra dishwasher to save 53 cm of space. Innovative hydraulic technology also removes even the most stubborn stains and food debris to always have clean dishes.

Delay timer: The Delay schedule allows you to schedule the wash for another time during the day or night. Simply add the detergent you want, select the program and let the Indesit device do the rest.


  • Maximum number of dishes: 14
  • Energy efficiency category: Ε
  • Height (cm): 82.0
  • Width (cm): 59.8
  • Energy consumption for 100 cycles of Eco program: 95
  • Installation type: Built-in
  • Adjustable legs: Yes - whole
  • Depth (cm): 55.5
  • Cleaning efficiency: A
  • Additional Program
  • Drying performance: A
  • Recess depth (cm): 56.0
  • Washing with a single basket: Down or up
  • The water consumption of the eco program in liters per cycle: 9.5
  • Maximum water inlet temperature (° C): 60
  • Adjustable top basket: Yes
  • Basket with handle
  • Airborne acoustic noise emissions: 44
  • Existence of a cutlery basket
  • Cutlery basket: Yes
  • Salt indicator light
  • Dazzling indicator light
  • Color: White
  • EAN Code: 8050147586822
  • Eco
  • Glasses
  • Prewash: Yes
  • Intensive 65 °
  • Availability of a short program
  • Decontamination
  • Fast
Category Built In Dishwasher
Type Full Built In
Specifications & Performance
Energy Class EEI2019 A++
Energy Class EEI2021 E
Noise Level (dB) 44
Depth (cm) 56
Height (cm) 82
Width (cm) 45
More Informations
Dishes (set) 14

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  • Stock: 2-4 Days
  • Model: S-BUILTIN-DISH-60-000006
  • Weight: 50.00kg
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