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Fujitsu Ecolandia ASYG025KPCA

Fujitsu Ecolandia ASYG025KPCA
Fujitsu Ecolandia ASYG025KPCA
Fujitsu Ecolandia ASYG025KPCA
Fujitsu Ecolandia ASYG025KPCA
Fujitsu Ecolandia ASYG025KPCA

Fujitsu Ecolandia ASYG025KPCA Wall Air Conditioner 9000BTU

Slim & Squared Design: The slim and squared design is achieved thanks to the dense multi-pass exchanger and high efficiency fan.

High Performance & Low Consumption: Thanks to the high SEER/SCOP indicators, the air conditioners offer very high performance and great savings to enjoy an ideal temperature, without constantly thinking about your pocket.

Wide Dispersion & Silent Operation: The large diffuser combined with the new air flow arrangement, achieve a large air supply at low speed and quietly.

Wi-Fi Wireless Control: Controlling your air conditioner becomes very easy whether you are at home or away, from smartphones and tablets thanks to the wireless LAN interface and the FGLair app.

Economy Mode: Limits the maximum operating current and allows energy saving.

Power Mode: Operation at maximum fan and compressor speed to quickly reach a comfort condition.

Automatic Switching: This function allows automatic switching of cooling or heating according to the selected room temperature

Moving Up/Down Vanes: Automatic movement of the flow control vanes up/down.

Automatic adjustment of the air flow: The flow is automatically adjusted by the microcomputer according to the temperature needs of the room.

Automatic Restart: When the power supply is restored after a temporary interruption, the air conditioner starts automatically with the same settings it had before.

Sleep Timer: Based on the operating time, the microcomputer gradually changes the selection temperature for sleeping comfort.

Timer Programming: The digital timer allows selection of one of the functions: ON, OFF, ON » OFF or OFF » ON.

Filter Indicator: Reminds the need to clean the filter.

Washable front: Removable and washable front.


  • Rated Output Btu/h 9000
  • Cooling Energy Class A++
  • Heating Energy Class (Warm Zone) A+++
  • Heating Energy Class (Middle Zone) A+
  • Warranty 10 years for the compressor and 3 years for all parts
  • Operation Type P/T
  • Wi-Fi function Optional
  • Operating Voltage V-Hz-Ph 230V, 1Ph, 50Hz
  • Cooling Efficiency Btu/h 2.5 (0.9-3.0) / 8530(3070-10235)
  • Thermal Efficiency Btu/h 2.8 (0.9-3.8) / 9555(3070-12965)
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) Cooling 6.7
  • Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) Heating (Average) 4.0
  • Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) Heating (Heat) 5.1
  • Indoor Unit Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 270x784x224
  • Outdoor Unit Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 541x663x290
  • Diameter of Liquid/Gas Piping mm 6.35/9.52
  • Maximum pipe length / Maximum height difference m 20 (15)/ 15
  • Operating Temperature Range Cooling °CDB -10 to 46
  • Operating Temperature Range Heating °CDB -15 to 24
  • Consumption Cooling/Heating kW 0.71/0.79
  • Annual Energy Consumption Cooling kWh/annum 131
  • Annual Energy Consumption Heating (Average/Heat) kWh/annum 840/356
  • Dehumidification L/h 1.3
  • Air Supply m³/h (H) Internal / External Cooling 580/1,650
  • Air Supply m³/h (H) Indoor / Outdoor Heating 580/1,450
  • Indoor Unit Sound Pressure Cooling dBA (H/M/X/A) 45/38/31/22
  • Indoor Unit Sound Pressure Heating dBA (H/M/X/A) 45/40/36/26
  • Outdoor Unit Sound Pressure Cooling/Heating dBA (Y) 47/47
  • Indoor Unit Sound Power Cooling/Heating dBA (H) 58/58
  • Outdoor Unit Sound Power Cooling/Heating dBA (Y) 59/59
  • Indoor Unit Net Weight kg(lbs) 8(18)
  • Outdoor Unit Net Weight kg(lbs) 23 (51)
Category Air Condition
Type Τοίχου
Specifications & Performance
Energy Class EEI2019 A+++
Min. Noise (dB) 22
Nominal Power (btu) 9000
Refrigerant R32
SCOP 5.1
SEER 6.7
More Informations
Compressor Warranty (Years) 10
EUROVENT Certified Yes
Hotel Menu No
Ionizer No
Warranty (Years) 3
WiFi Ready

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  • Model: S-CLIM-000127
  • Weight: 50.00kg
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