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Eskimo ES AF40D Air Fryer 4.7lt Eskimo ES AF40D Air Fryer 4.7lt
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Brand: ESKIMO Model: S-COOKING-AFR-000019
Eskimo ES AF40D Air Fryer with Detachable Tank 4.7ltDescription:The Eskimo air fryer with a power of 1500W and a bucket with a capacity of 4.7 liters, is an ideal solution to cook more healthily and economically compared to classic fryers, as it needs a minimum of oil (1-2 spoons).Besides potatoes y..
95.00€ 111.00€
Ex Tax:76.61€
Eskimo ES VC4032DLX Eskimo ES VC4032DLX
New -20 %
Brand: ESKIMO Model: S-CKR-C-000047
Eskimo ES VC4032DLX kitchenSpecifications:Type of oven: Mixed convection oven (resistance & convection air)Net capacity: 72LtFunction: 8 oven functions (incl. defrost function, 3D cooking)Hydrolysis: oven cleaning function with steamEnergy class: AHobs: 5 ceramic hobs, one Duo (double) 21-12 cm...
579.00€ 723.00€
Ex Tax:466.94€
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