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Tristar EM-2107

Tristar EM-2107
Tristar EM-2107
Tristar EM-2107
Tristar EM-2107
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Tristar EM-2107
Tristar EM-2107
Tristar EM-2107
Tristar EM-2107
Tristar EM-2107

Tristar EM-2107 Electric Knife 120W

Cutting bread and frozen meat is easy with the Tristar EM-2107 Electric Knife. This handy knife ensures that you no longer suffer from painful hands and arms when cutting hard or frozen products. The electric knife comes with one set consisting of two knives for hard and soft products.

One set consisting of two knives: The Tristar Electric knife has two different stainless steel blades that together form one set. This makes it an extra strong knife with which you can cut almost all types of products without any problems. From frozen meat to a soft cake. You simply click the knife set into the holder and via the eject button you can also easily remove it for cleaning.

Stylish black housing and safe to use: The knife set is made of stainless steel and suitable for the dishwasher. Its stylish black housing makes it a match for every modern kitchen. An extra knives protection cover is provided on the blades for your fingers so you can click the blades safely in and out of the holder and safely store them. The Tristar electric knife is perfect if you like to bake bread yourself or want to cut fast instead of cutting with a normal knife.

What do you find in the box? Tristar EM-2107 Electric 1x knife set consisting of two knives and manual

Reasons to choose the Tristar EM-2100 Electric Knife:

  • Cut through everything with ease, even frozen food and bread
  • Including one knife set consisting of two knives with coarse and fine teeth
  • Stylish black housing
  • Safe to use thanks to knives protection cover
  • Powerful electric knife with 120 watt motor
Category Electric Knife
Specifications & Performance
Power (W) 120

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