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RL4353 Refrigerator Freezer with Digital Inverter, 435 L A ++

Its main purpose is to provide more space for your food. The only bulky items in the fridge should be the vegetables you buy, not unnecessary luminaires or ventilation devices. The simple design of the interior walls offered by Samsung expands the storage capacity with strategically placed multi-air flow devices and LED lights that do not take up unnecessary space. At the same time, the appearance of the interior is elegant and sophisticated.

Door cases that fit your needs. Your shopping list may change from week to week. That's why Samsung's refrigerator-freezer is designed to respond to these changes and has four self-tapping door cases so you can easily and comfortably store all your food. The height of the cases is adjustable, in order to fit higher or shorter bottles, while a deeper case is intended to hold the heaviest containers and / or two rows of soft drink cans.

Elegant LED display that gives you the information you want on the "plate". The sleek blue LED display of Samsung's new refrigerator-freezer offers more ergonomics than conventional technology models. The screen is located on the front and above the top shelf, so you can have better access to change settings. So you don't have to take out the food and bend down to the back of the fridge to adjust the temperature or choose a mode like Power Freeze.

Smart cooling for optimal performance. Designed to take full advantage of the refrigerator's cooling capabilities, the Smart Sensor uses five sensors to monitor the temperature in your kitchen, the humidity levels inside the refrigerator, and even how you usually use the refrigerator to do so. the appropriate settings. All you need to do is fill the fridge. It even has a sensor that notifies you if the door stays open for a long time.

Intelligent energy efficiency without precedent. Samsung's advanced LED lighting is mounted on both sides of the interior in order for the light to diffuse evenly and be more intense and natural for better visibility. Now you can find what you want more comfortably, even at night, without having to turn on the kitchen light. Also, LEDs emit less heat than conventional light bulbs, so they help keep the refrigerator at a constant temperature. A brilliant idea that is finally at your disposal.

Energy saving, less noise and 10 year warranty. Unlike conventional compressors, which are constantly starting and stopping, Samsung's digital inverter compressor makes small adjustments based on humidity levels and how you use the refrigerator. Thus, the temperature remains constant inside the refrigerator, the compressor wears out more slowly, for greater reliability, and the noise is kept to a minimum.

Multiple air flow technology. Multi-air technology works at all levels of the refrigerator-freezer, through small outlets on each shelf, to maintain the same temperature everywhere, even after you open the door. Cool each portion of the refrigerator at the same time so that the food stays fresh for longer.

Luxurious glossy shelves. Every element of Samsung's new refrigerator-freezer is designed to impress, as do its luxury glossy shelves. You can choose between surfaces with stainless steel decoration or matte metallic finish. Both give shine and luxury that you will not find in conventional refrigerators.

Specifications & Performance
Capacity (Lt) 453
Energy Class A++
Width (cm) 70
Depth (cm) 69
Height (cm) 185

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  • Model: S-FRIDG-BF-000013
  • Weight: 100.00kg
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