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Delonghi BQ80.X Delonghi BQ80.X
-39 %
Brand: Delonghi Model: S-BBQ-000034
Delonghi BQ80.XELECTRIC GRILL - BARBEQUE DELONGHI BQ80.XCook delicious meat, fish or vegetables in the most practical, tasty and healthy way.Turn food easily without spoiling it thanks to the patented double-turn grill.Easy to clean thanks to the convenient and compact removable liquid collection tr..
99.00€ 161.20€
Ex Tax:79.84€
Delonghi DNS65 Desiccant Delonghi DNS65 Desiccant
-33 % 2-4 Days
Brand: Delonghi Model: S-DHUM-000005
Delonghi DNS65 DesiccantDelonghi DNS65 dehumidifier with zeolite.The humidity removed from this dehumidifier at 20 oC / 55% S.Y. corresponds to that removed from a traditional 16L / 24h dehumidifier under the same temperature conditionsKeep the air clean thanks to the ionizer and antibacterial filte..
199.00€ 299.00€
Ex Tax:160.48€
Delonghi EC235.BK Delonghi EC235.BK
Out Of Stock
Brand: Delonghi Model: S-COF-ES-000008
Delonghi EC235.BKEC235.BK ESPRESSO DELONGHI15 bar pressureStainless steel boilerTransparent detachable water tank (1lt capacity).It has 2 filters:for 1 cup of coffee & portion of ESE.for 2 cups of coffee.Ready to use system: keeps the distributor always ready to produce coffee.Milk frother: for ..
Ex Tax:76.61€
Delonghi EC260.BK Delonghi EC260.BK
Out Of Stock
Brand: Delonghi Model: S-COF-ES-000004
Delonghi EC260.BKESPRESSO EC260.BK MACHINEChoose your favorite flavor and prepare a rich espresso with perfect cream.Prepare a wide range of milk specialties thanks to the adjustable cappuccino system.Removable double distillation tray for different cup sizes up to 110 mm high.Compact and modern des..
Ex Tax:87.90€
Delonghi ECP31.21 DL Delonghi ECP31.21 DL
-31 %
Brand: Delonghi Model: S-COF-ES-000012
MACHINE ESPRESSO CAPPUCCINO Delonghi ECP31.21 DLESPRESSO: Choose your favorite blend or portion and easily make a rich and homogeneous Espresso with a perfect cream. Make a wide variety of milk drinks, thanks to Cappuccino's manual brewing system.Pressure 15 bar: The pressure 15 bar makes Espresso w..
114.00€ 164.90€
Ex Tax:91.94€
Brand: Delonghi Model: S-COF-FILT-000003
Delonghi ICM15720THERMOS jug, to keep the coffee hotJaw capacity (lt): 1.0 litersProduction: 10 cupsKeeps your coffee hot: up to 40 minutesEasy filter mounting (V shape): YesDigital device function: Digital functions: YesWith Automatic start setting, clock displayWith Fragrance Adjustment: Yes (1-4 ..
Ex Tax:47.58€
Delonghi Nespresso Essenza Mini E85.B Black Delonghi Nespresso Essenza Mini E85.B Black
-30 %
Brand: Delonghi Model: S-COF-ES-000011
Delonghi Nespresso Essenza Mini E85.B Black with an amazing little unit that serves you excellent coffee in just a few minutes thanks to the 19bar high pressure pump.Nespresso Essenza Mini Machine:Nespresso has created the simplest and most elegant small-sized machine to date, without compromising o..
69.90€ 99.99€
Ex Tax:56.37€
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