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CARAD Aero XL 75 7,5Lt. CARAD Aero XL 75 7,5Lt.
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Brand: CARAD Model: S-COOKING-AFR-000018
Air Fryer (airfryer) CARAD Aero XL 75 Air fryer with a capacity of 7.5LThe Carad XL75 air fryer with a power of 1600W and a bucket with a capacity of 7.5 liters, is an ideal solution to cook more healthily and economically compared to classic fryers, as it needs a minimum of oil (1-2 spoons). Beside..
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Brand: CARAD Model: S-CKR-G-000002
The CARAD GGX50045 SILVER cooker has gas hobs consisting of eyes and a metal frame to support the cookware. The flame is visible and you can adjust its size at any time, so this helps with cooking safety and the gas supply is shut off whenever the flame goes out. It is an ideal choice for pan cookin..
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Brand: CARAD Model: S-CKR-MXD-000024
Silver /inox CARAD GMX54050 kitchen with 4 gas burners with cast iron grates - Electric oven 64L Multifunction 7 functions - Cooking with hot air and resistances - Independently adjustable oven thermostat - Wok 3000W - Automatic ignition of each gas burner from its switch and safety mechanism Gas St..
467.50€ 550.00€
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CARAD WA5295E 8Kgr/1000rpm CARAD WA5295E 8Kgr/1000rpm
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Brand: CARAD Model: S-WM-000045
Washing machine 8Kg CARAD WA5295E with spinning up to 1000 turns and 15 programs.Washing machine 8KgSpin up to 1000 rpm15 programsOption of delay start with LED in 3,6,9 or 12 hoursSelect spin speed for each programElectronic lockProgram phase indicator LEDOption for Extra rinseOption for easy ironi..
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