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Candy HE 128TXME/1-S 8Kgr 1200rpm

Candy HE 128TXME/1-S 8Kgr 1200rpm
Candy HE 128TXME/1-S 8Kgr 1200rpm
Candy HE 128TXME/1-S 8Kgr 1200rpm
Candy HE 128TXME/1-S 8Kgr 1200rpm
Candy HE 128TXME/1-S 8Kgr 1200rpm

The washing machine HE 128TXME/1-S from the manufacturer Candy, has a drum capacity suitable for up to 8 kg of unwashed clothes, and can meet the needs of a family of four. It is front-loading, meaning that the clothes are loaded from the door at the front of the device, which is also the most common type of washing machine.

  • Energy Class A:

It is energy class A, which means that it offers a very low overall consumption, thus saving money in the long run, while at the same time it contributes to the protection of the environment.

  • Low Noise Levels:

It has a low noise level as during its noisiest operation, that of spinning, the noise does not exceed 74db.

  • Number of Programs:

It has 14 different program options, so you can adjust the washing according to the type of clothes you have placed in the drum.

  • NFC technology:

It is possible to connect to a smartphone via NFC technology, which allows you to change the factory settings of the washing programs of the washing machine or inform you in the event of a breakdown.

  • Digital Display:

The digital display shows all the necessary information, such as the time or the selected washing program. All settings and information about the operation of the washing machine are easy to select and recognize on the screen.

  •   Delay Start Program:

With the delay start program you can now schedule your laundry for another time during the day or night. Simply select the program and the time you want the wash to start, without worrying about unpleasant odors created by wet clothes left in the drum, until the laundry. You also save time and energy by setting the wash at times of lower electricity bills.

  • Automatic Weighing of Clothes:

One of the most basic and modern functions in washing machines is the function of automatic weighing of clothes. It offers economy in washing as the washing machine, thanks to its sensors, adjusts the amount of water and detergent according to the weight of the clothes.

  • Number of Turns:

The maximum number of revolutions it can operate corresponds to 1200 revolutions per minute. For example, cotton and mixed fabrics can be washed in a program with 1000 revolutions, the most delicate fabrics such as wool, silk in a program with 600 revolutions.

Features and Dimensions:

Energy Consumption: 47kwh/100 cycles

Water Consumption: 44lt/cycle

Revolutions: 1200/min

Height: 85cm

Depth: 53cm

Width: 60cm

Category Washing Machines
Type Front Loading
Specifications & Performance
Energy Class EEI2021 A
Max Spin (rps) 1200
Washing Capacity (Kgr) 8
Depth (cm) 53
Height (cm) 85
Width (cm) 60

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