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Candy CCE7T620EX Candy CCE7T620EX
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Brand: CANDY Model: S-FRIDG-BF-000047
Candy CCE7T620EX Fridge FreezerFrescoFresco is the brand new Candy fridge, with an Italian design and comes in different dimensions to easily fit into any kitchen style. The ability to adjust the interior of the refrigerator according to your needs, thanks to the Flexy system, renews the layout of t..
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CANDY CSTG282D2/1-S 8kg 1200RPM CANDY CSTG282D2/1-S 8kg 1200RPM
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Brand: CANDY Model: S-WM-UP-000018
Top loading washing machines Smart CANDY CSTG 282DE/1-S8 kg, 1200 RPM, Class F, 17 programs, W x W x H (cm) 41x60x86Smart Touch technologyStart delayFast wash programsAutomatic WeighingAdditional functions through the applicationAdditional cyclesStatisticsSmart check-up functionMix Power System +Gen..
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Candy FCT615XL + CH64 Candy FCT615XL + CH64
Brand: CANDY Model: S-BUILTIN-SET-000010
Built-in set from Candy FCT615XL + CH64 CCB containing the oven and hobs. The oven works from the hobs and can be placed in a different place from them. It only has the switches for operating the oven, while the hobs that accompany them have their own switches.Capacity:It has a capacity of 70 liters..
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Candy HE 128TXME/1-S 8Kgr 1200rpm Candy HE 128TXME/1-S 8Kgr 1200rpm
Brand: CANDY Model: S-WM-000029
The washing machine HE 128TXME/1-S from the manufacturer Candy, has a drum capacity suitable for up to 8 kg of unwashed clothes, and can meet the needs of a family of four. It is front-loading, meaning that the clothes are loaded from the door at the front of the device, which is also the most commo..
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Ex Tax:313.71€
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