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Brand: Camry Model: S-BRKFST-000035
Camry CR 4458 Popcorn makerThe popcorn maker is a great choice for those who adore something crispy accompanying a movie night and, at the same time, would prefer avoiding having to deep fry the treats. Thanks to the technology applied in the CR4458 popcorn maker, that bases on hot air, popcorn is b..
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Camry CR 5024 Travel Camry CR 5024 Travel
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Brand: Camry Model: S-IRN-000009
A travel iron Camry CR 5024 Travel rated at Power Max 1500W that is a perfect when one is travelling. It was prepared for people who care about looking elegant even in such places where obtaining an iron is not available. Thanks to its small size and folding handle it will easily fit into every lugg..
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Brand: Camry Model: S-WOMAN-000024
CAMRY CR-2021Power 10002 Rotating brushes2 buttons to change direction of curlingCool shot function3 temperature settings2 speed setting..
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Brand: Camry Model: S-BRKFST-000004
CAMRY CR-4121A functional juice extractor that has 1500 W of power created as one of the items in the modern series of juice extractors. It allows to prepare juice from both fruits and vegetables supporting a healthy diet. The juice is filtered through a sieve with small meshes which keeps the solid..
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Brand: Camry Model: S-IRONSYS-000011
CAMRY CR-5033Ironing is not your favourite activity? But you like to look elegant and you are annoyed with crumpled clothes? Or maybe you have been looking for something for a long time that can deal even with difficult creases? We have something perfect for you! The garment steamer CAMRY CR 5033 is..
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Camry CR-7724 Camry CR-7724
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Brand: Camry Model: S-HEATERS-000017
Camry CR 7724 Convection heater LCD with remote controlThe CR7724 covector heater is a device for the requirements. It has a clear LCD display indicating the current room temperature and the desired one. 3-stage heating power allows you to apply the heating temperature to your needs. 24 hour timer e..
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