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beko HNIC 64400T
Brand: beko Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000005
Beko HNIC 64400T Ceramic Autonomous Frameless Touch Home with 4 cooking zones.Black colorParental Lock for children.Heat indicator + Residual heat indicator YesFront left (kW) 2.3Back left (kW) 1.2Front right (kW) 1.5Back right (kW) 1.8Number of cooking levels 1 to 9 levelsProduct height (mm) 37Prod..
Ex Tax:136.00€
Brand: Robin Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000001
Domino 3 seatsTouch keysTimer3 ceramic zones: 1 zone 200mm 2000W, 1 zone 120mm 1000W, 1 zone 165mm 1200WLockRemaining heat indicatorWeight: 4.4kgDimensions (WMD): 288x520x52mmBench cut (PBB): 268x500mm..
Ex Tax:79.84€
Brand: Robin Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000002
Ceramic Hob SB-30Width 60cmIndependent with INOX frameworkTouch keysTimer5 ceramic zones: 1 zone 220m (2200W, 1 zone 190mm (1800W), 3 zones 155mm (1200W)LockRemaining heat indicatorWeight: 10.8kg..
Ex Tax:144.35€
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000004
Cast iron grills for maximum stability in utensilsNumber of hearths 4Reinforced with double crown with diameter 11.3 cm & power 3500 W2 semiconductors with a diameter of 6.9 cm & power 1750 W.1 auxiliary with a diameter of 4.9 cm & power 1000 WSafety valveBuilt-in ignition system in swit..
Ex Tax:192.74€
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000003
Hobs Whirlpool AKT8610 IX Built-in with perimeter stainless steel frame and 5 cooking zones.Innovative technology, sophisticated controls and special features that make it easy for you to prepare wonderful dishes and reduce cleaning time, while helping you through automatic settings.BEN-MARI OPERATI..
Ex Tax:233.06€
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