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beko BIE 22101 X + HIC 64401 beko BIE 22101 X + HIC 64401
3 YEARS WARRANTY -28 % Out Of Stock
Brand: beko Model: S-BUILTIN-SET-000001
Built-in oven set with beko hobs BIE 22101 X + HIC 64401set beko BIE 22101 X + HIC 64401Built-in oven autonomous beko BIE 22101 X6 Cooking functionsOven capacity 66ltEnhanced operationRemovable door with fully leather surface for easy cleaningSurface for easy cleaningInterior lightingDouble door gla..
357.99€ 499.00€
Ex Tax:288.70€
beko BIE 22101 X + HIC 64401 beko BIE 22101 X + HIC 64401
Brand: beko Model: S-BUILTIN-SET-000006
409.00€ 576.00€
Ex Tax:329.84€
Brandt BOH 7532 B + BPV 6421 B
Brand: Brandt Model: S-BUILTIN-SET-000003
599.00€ 1,036.00€
Ex Tax:483.06€
Candy FCT615XL + CH64 Candy FCT615XL + CH64
New -30 %
Brand: CANDY Model: S-BUILTIN-SET-000010
Built-in set from Candy FCT615XL + CH64 CCB containing the oven and hobs. The oven works from the hobs and can be placed in a different place from them. It only has the switches for operating the oven, while the hobs that accompany them have their own switches.Capacity:It has a capacity of 70 liters..
579.00€ 827.00€
Ex Tax:466.94€
GORENJE BO6737E02X - IT640BSC Induction GORENJE BO6737E02X - IT640BSC Induction
4 YEARS WARRANTY -16 % Out Of Stock
Brand: gorenje Model: S-BUILTIN-SET-000004
Built-In Oven and Induction Hobs Set GORENJE BO6737E02X and GORENGE IT640BSCBuilt-In Oven GORENJE BO6737E02X:AirFry: For healthy indulgencesNow you can have the crispiness and tastiness of fried food without the extra calories. This method of extremely intensive baking with hot air doesn‘t..
669.00€ 799.00€
Ex Tax:539.52€
GORENJE BOS6737E06BG + IT640BSC Induction GORENJE BOS6737E06BG + IT640BSC Induction
Brand: gorenje Model: S-BUILTIN-SET-00000#
GORENJE BOS6737E06BG + IT640BSC Induction Countertop Oven 77lt with Induction Hobs W59.5cm. BlackOven capacity: 77 ltType of Oven: ElectricType of Hobs: InductiveCooking methods: 12Gorenje counter top oven with induction hobs and a capacity of 77 litres, which can serve a large family.Technical deta..
599.00€ 999.00€
Ex Tax:483.06€
PITSOS PE10M40X1 + BRE645G06 PITSOS PE10M40X1 + BRE645G06
-35 %
Brand: PITSOS Model: S-BUILTIN-SET-000005
PITSOS PE10M40X1 + BRE645G06 Classic dependent built-in oven and hob set with push-buttons on under-counter oven.PITSOS  BRE645G06 Inox autonomous ceramic hob with 4 High Speed ​​cooking zones, 17 adjustment levels, and fully electronic controlCharacteristicsAutonomous Home TypeHearths Doe..
669.00€ 1,025.00€
Ex Tax:539.52€
Whirlpool OAS KN8V1 IX + Whirlpool AKT 8090 LX
-5 % Out Of Stock
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