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AEG HK624000XB AEG HK624000XB
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Brand: AEG Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000008
AEG HK624000XB AUTONOMOUS CERAMIC HOB 60 CMThe efficient touch control allows you to precisely adjust the heat level of the hob, while its flat surface is easy to clean and integrates seamlessly with the rest of your work surfaces.Cooking Zones 4Type CeramicsDimension (mm) 576x516Wall dimensions (He..
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beko HNIC 64400T
Brand: beko Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000005
beko HNIC 64400Tbeko HNIC 64400T Ceramic Autonomous Frameless Touch Home with 4 cooking zones.Black colorParental Lock for children.Heat indicator + Residual heat indicator YesFront left (kW) 2.3Back left (kW) 1.2Front right (kW) 1.5Back right (kW) 1.8Number of cooking levels 1 to 9 levelsProduct he..
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Brand: BOSCH Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000007
Automatic Ceramic Hobs Bosch PKE645ΒΑ2E with 4 cooking zones and safety lock for children which locks the control to avoid accidental changes in the settings.Bosch PKE645ΒΑ2E Autonomous Ceramic Hobs with wide spring frame.TouchSelect: all at the touch of a finger. With this new way of operating, you..
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Brandt BPV 6421 B Brandt BPV 6421 B
-30 %
Brand: Brandt Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000014
Built-in Ceramic Plate Brandt BPV 6421 BTYPE: Ceramic hobBlack colorDIMENSIONS: 5.9 x 58 x 51 cmCOUNTRY OF ORIGIN: FRANCE5-zone autonomous ceramic hob with touch keys (Touch Sensitive Controls)5 points of safe operationResidual heat indicationKeypad lockRapid heat hobs:1st Front right 16.5 cm - 1.2k..
298.00€ 425.00€
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Candy CH64CCB
-31 % Out Of Stock
Brand: CANDY Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000006
Candy CH64CCB ceramic hobs with 4 cooking zones, 9 intensity levels and control lock.Specifications:Wall dimensions in cm 5 x 56 x 49Autonomous Home TypeCeramic hobsHome Number 4Black colorAutomatically Turn Off Hotspots HasDigital Displays It hasLock Security FeaturesConnectivity Not supportedHas E..
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Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-GAS-000002
Built-in DOMINO hob with two gas hobs - gas FRATELLI ONOFRI ICON 120 I with spring plate and enameled grills.Characteristics:Gas2 Outbreaks2 ZonesAutonomous / DominoWithout frameInoxDevice Dimensions (WxD) 29x51 cm...
139.00€ 199.00€
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Brand: Indesit Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000010
Indesit RI 261 X Autonomous Ceramic Stove with wide stainless steel frame, two zone stove and Warranty 24 months.Indesit RI 261 X Autonomous Ceramic HobGeneral characteristics:Autonomous Ceramic hob base 60 cm.Inox Perimeter frameTouch Control Classic keysTimerFully electronic controlIndication of h..
229.00€ 249.00€
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Korting KECT610CSC
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Brand: korting Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000009
Korting KECT610CSC Autonomous Touch Hob without Frame with 9 operating modes and 4 HiLight zones.Warranty: 2 yearsNet weight: 7.4 Kg..
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Brand: PITSOS Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000015
CRE645S06 Inox autonomous ceramic hob with 4 High Speed ​​cooking zones, 17 adjustment levels, and fully electronic controlCharacteristicsWall Dimension 4.3 x 56 x 49-50Autonomous Home TypeHearths Does not haveHome Number 4Inox colorDigital Indications HasLock Security FeaturesNo connectivityElectro..
229.00€ 350.00€
Ex Tax:184.68€
Robin LX-412BT
-25 % 2-4 Days
Brand: Robin Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-GAS-000003
Built-in Mixed Hob with three gas hobs and an electric Robin LX-412BT with stainless steel plate, gas shut-off fuses and automatic ignition.Hob type - Electric / mixedHeating plates - 1 Electric, 3 LPGRotary switchesGas injectors (NG G20) are included in the packageGas safety control systemElectroni..
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Robin SB-20 Domino
WINTER SALES 2023 -24 %
Brand: Robin Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000001
Robin SB-20 DominoDomino 3 seatsTouch keysTimer3 ceramic zones: 1 zone 200mm 2000W, 1 zone 120mm 1000W, 1 zone 165mm 1200WLockRemaining heat indicatorWeight: 4.4kgDimensions (WMD): 288x520x52mmBench cut (PBB): 268x500mm..
97.90€ 129.00€
Ex Tax:78.95€
Robin SB-30
2-4 Days
Brand: Robin Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000002
Robin SB-30Ceramic Hob SB-30Width 60cmIndependent with INOX frameworkTouch keysTimer5 ceramic zones: 1 zone 220m (2200W, 1 zone 190mm (1800W), 3 zones 155mm (1200W)LockRemaining heat indicatorWeight: 10.8kg..
Ex Tax:144.35€
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