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Bruno BRN-0124

Bruno BRN-0124
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Bruno BRN-0124
Bruno's BRN-0124 3 in 1 espresso coffee machine combines 3 functions in one device. With 3 special adapters that are very easily applied (slidable) to the device, it can prepare coffee using coffee powder or Nespresso-style capsules as well as Dolce Gusto, thus covering the most popular options. With 2 serving size options (Short Espresso / Lungo) but also the possibility of filling an additional amount.

The operation of the device is very easy with the use of 3 main switches of the electronic panel, while it has high-level specifications for each parameter (temperature, pressure, filtration time, etc.) aimed at achieving the ideal taste in coffee. With a high-quality water heating system for a constant temperature, a professional-level pump that delivers high pressure at 19 bar and an electronically controlled filtration process in terms of time for a truly quality result in the taste of coffee.

Saves power by automatically turning off after 15 minutes of inactivity. It has removable parts for easy cleaning.

Tested and certified quality based on international safety and health and environmental protection standards. Without toxic materials and substances harmful to human health.

Package Contents:

coffee maker

adapter for coffee powder

adapter for Nespresso capsules

adapter for Dolce Gusto capsules

measuring spoon

manual maintenance pump

Specifications & Performance
Capacity (Lt) 0.6
Power (W) 1450

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