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Brandt BT16022VG 6Kgr/1200s

Brandt BT16022VG 6Kgr/1200s
Brandt BT16022VG 6Kgr/1200s
Brandt BT16022VG 6Kgr/1200s
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Brandt BT16022VG 6Kgr/1200s
Brandt BT16022VG 6Kgr/1200s
Brandt BT16022VG 6Kgr/1200s
Brandt BT16022VG 6Kgr/1200s

UPLOAD WASHING MACHINE BRANDT BT16022VG 6 kg with up to 1200 rpm per minute spin.

  • COLOR: White
  • DIMENSIONS: 85 x 40 x 60 cm

FEATURES: Drum capacity: 6 kg, 0-1200 rpm, Greek Menu, Soft Opening, Wash start delay (up to 12 hours), Water hardness measurement (Brandt patent), Water overflow protection system & detergent leakage (Overflow & Antile) Childlock

OTHER FEATURES: Posistop, Door opening safety, Wheels, Water consumption: 42 lt / operating cycle (in "Eco" program), Power consumption: 65 kWh / 100 operating cycles (in Eco program)

PROGRAMS: Speed ​​selection option (No speed-600-800-1000-1200 rpm), Prewash function ,, Rinse function +, Stain level selection option, Wash start delay function, ECO 40-60 program, Fast program 39 25 ', Hygiene Program ,, Cotton / Towel Program, Mixed Program, Sensitive / Wool Program, 20 ° C Program ,, Rinsing / Spinning Program, Possibility to choose grades (Cold-20-30-40-60-90 ° C ),

Why choose Brandt?

Hygiene Program: This program effectively removes viruses and 99.9% of bacteria from your clothes and masks. During the cycle, the temperature reaches 60 ° C, for a period of 30 minutes, in order to achieve a perfect disinfection of your clothes.

Quick Schedule 39΄: In 39΄ you have a complete wash cycle, for a daily load, ensuring a guaranteed result.

25' Fast Program: Your washing machine memorizes your washing habits. For each program startup, it records the options you use most often and suggests them to you at startup. Recommended personalized washing programs, according to the last 8 programs you have used.

Delayed start of washing: A really useful feature, which allows you to delay the start of the program for 3, 6, 9 or 12 hours, to complete the wash at the time you want!

Selecting the degree of soiled clothes: This button allows you to reduce or increase the duration of the wash cycle, using 2 levels. - Level 1 is suitable for dirty clothes, increases the cycle duration by an average of 15%. - Level 2 is suitable for freshening clothes, reduces the cycle duration by 40% on average.

Rinse Option +: This option allows you to select an additional rinse cycle to rinse off any detergent residues, reducing the risk of allergies. Ideal for sensitive skin.

Water Hardness Measurement (BRANDT Patent): Whether you live in a soft or hard water area, your washing machine adjusts your rinsing and wash cycle to ensure a perfect wash.

Type Top Loading
Specifications & Performance
Washing Capacity (Kgr) 6
Max Spin (rps) 1200
Energy Class EEI2021 D
Width (cm) 40
Depth (cm) 60
Height (cm) 85

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