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Front loading washing machine 7 Kgr 1000rpm BOSCH WAN20107GR

  • Washing machine with EcoSilence Drive ™: quiet operation and excellent durability, which you can trust.
  • EcoSilence Drive ™: energy efficient and quiet inverter motor, with a 10-year warranty.
  • AllergyPlus: specially designed for the needs of people suffering from allergies and sensitive skin.
  • SpeedPerfect: Perfectly washed clothes in up to 65% less time.
  • LED display, easy to use with touch keys and many additional options, such as remaining time display and start delay.
  • Night wash: with reduced noise, to wash even at night.
10 years free EcoSilence Drive engine repair: One engine, many benefits. The EcoSilence Drive engine is energy efficient, powerful, quiet and long lasting.

Absolute protection of the most sensitive skin, with only one option: Bosch devices with Allergy Care technology, ensure impressive results, ideally taking care of both your clothes and your skin. Especially if there are allergies or some skin sensitivity, Bosch is your perfect ally.

BOSCH WAN20107GR and no forgotten clothes anymore, thanks to the Add Clothes function: Did you forget one sock or a short sleeve ...? When was the last time you filled the washing machine and started a wash cycle when you realized you had forgotten some clothes? The Add Laundry feature in our washing machines allows you to simply add forgotten clothes or remove them even during a wash cycle *. Just stop the current wash cycle and open the door, to easily add the forgotten clothes to the tub and continue washing. (* Laundry is not possible when the foam temperature is above 50 ° C or when the water level is too high).

BOSCH WAN20107GR ultra-quiet washing machine: The new AntiVibration Design of the side walls is not only attractive in appearance: it also offers greater stability and reduces vibration. Reinforced insulation also reduces noise, making Bosch washing machines very quiet even during the spin cycle.

Hard on germs, soft on your skin: Clothes that are not washed well often carry allergens that may cause skin irritation. That is why we developed the Anti-Allergy program. This program maintains a high wash temperature for longer during the wash and does an extra rinse. This minimizes the residues created by allergens. This means less pollen particles, animal hair and dust particles. The program is ideal for people who suffer from allergies and have sensitive skin.

Guaranteed long life and extremely quiet: The noise level in your home can ruin your day. Especially when you want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful dinner with your family. Bosch EcoSilence Drive motor is so quiet that you often forget that your washing machine is working. Equipped with an economical, no-frills engine that minimizes friction noise, offers quiet operation and long life - Bosch offers a 10-year warranty on EcoSilence Drive engines. *

Night wash option: Night wash option in any program

Perfect results in washing clothes in up to 65% less time: SpeedPerfect is a special feature that helps you save valuable time whenever you need it. With this option, you reduce the washing time by up to 65% * without any compromise on the perfect cleaning results. In addition, you can choose it with most washing programs, regardless of the load and the type of fabrics you have for washing. This way, everything is cleaned properly and thoroughly and you enjoy more free time with your loved ones. (* Relates to a comparison between the duration of the Synthetic 40 ° C program and the duration of the Synthetic 40 ° C program with the SpeedPerfect option enabled).

Washing schedule function: you choose at what time, within the next 24 hours, you want your clothes to be ready, washed and clean.

Programs & options:
  • Standard cold - 90 ° C, Cotton Eco 40-60, Cotton Intensive, STA, DE, SK4, Antiallergic, Rinse, Night wash, Drain / Spin, Shirts, Jeans / dark laundry, Fast / Mixed, Sports / Microfibers, Super 15 min / Super 30 min
  • T: Temperature selection, Reducing spin speed, Prewash, Start / Reload / Pause, varioSpeed ​​/ SpeedPerfect, Ready 24
  • SpeedPerfect - perfectly washed clothes in up to 65% less time
  • Adding clothes - you can add clothes during the wash

Device dimensions & installation:

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 84.8 cm x 59.8 cm x 60.0 cm
  • Device body depth, without door: 55.0 cm
    • Depth with the door open: 101.7 cm
    Type Front Loading
    Specifications & Performance
    Washing Capacity (Kgr) 7
    Max Spin (rps) 1000
    Energy Class EEI2019 Α+++
    Width (cm) 60
    Depth (cm) 55
    Height (cm) 85
    More Informations
    Manufacturer's Website <a target="_blank" href=" "> BOSCH WAN20107GR </a>

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