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Bosch SPS4EMI10E Free Wi-Fi Dishwasher for 10 Dishes W45xH84.5cm. Inox

EfficientDry for even better drying results: Emptying the dishwasher when the dishes are not dry enough or when they are too hot is annoying. With EfficientDry, your dishwasher door opens automatically. This practical solution improves the drying process, prevents the formation of water vapor and gently cools your dishes so that they are ready to come out of the washing machine without having to dry them by hand. This not only improves drying results, but also saves energy.

IntensiveZone: effectively cleans cookware at the touch of a button: The IntensiveZone option, which you can add to many programs, ensures a higher spray pressure and increases the temperature in the lower basket. Heavily soiled kitchen utensils, such as pans and pots, are cleaned in the best possible way, while more delicate utensils, such as plates and glasses, can be placed in the upper basket.

Ideal for cutlery and small utensils: Many times you do not know where to place small utensils and kitchen utensils, such as spoons, in your dishwasher so that they do not fall and wash properly. Do not worry. Bosch dishwashers with VarioDrawer have arrived. This particular drawer has special, separate places for each knife and fork, keeping a distance between them. In addition, thanks to the 2 sets of folding dividers marked in red, you can also place spoons, coffee cups and even small bowls. Everything will be washed perfectly and thoroughly. Finally, the VarioDrawer ensures you more space in the other baskets of the device.

Confirmed hygiene performance: According to tests carried out by the Institute of Hygiene and Virology, viruses such as the corona virus and influenza are effectively neutralized thanks to the Economy 50°C program (Level 1 on the hygiene label). In addition, significantly higher levels of hygiene can be achieved with programs that use a higher temperature. Thus, they are effective against more resistant viruses, including those with and without a lipoprotein envelope. Such programs are Intensive 70°C and that of laundry care (Level 3 on the hygiene label).

Super Silence: the dishwasher that keeps the house quiet: Keeping your house clean can be difficult. Keeping it quiet is often impossible though. SuperSilence dishwashers have an electronically regulated motor as well as other noise reduction features to keep the house quiet.

Rackmatic system: Thanks to the triple Rackmatic system, the height of the upper basket can be easily adjusted by up to 5 cm. And you can do this even when it is completely full. This means even more setting options and thus maximum flexibility.

The device that listens to you: Thanks to the partnership with Amazon's Alexa, your device can also be controlled with voice commands. Find out if the relevant "Home Connect" feature for Alexa is available for your country and language. Find out if the relevant "Home Connect" feature for Alexa apps is available for your country and language. Activate the corresponding skill to establish the connection between Amazon Alexa and your home device.

Download programs that suit your needs: When you use the dishwasher, you realize that some programs do not perfectly suit your needs. Bosch dishwashers with Program Download function enable you to download additional programs via the Home Connect app. So you can find the perfect one for your dishes, just the way you want it. To always have perfect washing results guaranteed.

Smart program selection: Which program is right for your dishes? The Program Assistant is here to help. All you need to do is open the Home Connect app and answer a few questions about which dishes you have put in the wash and how dirty they are. You can also choose the degree of drying, how quiet, fast or economical you want the program to be. Then, depending on your preferences, the device will suggest the ideal option. You simply then press start. Perfectly washed dishes, so simple, no effort at all.

Your favorite program with a single touch: Make your everyday life easier thanks to the "smart" Bosch dishwasher. With the "Favourite" function you have the possibility to combine the programs and washing options you use most in one setting. You can select the specific function through of the Home Connect app or directly from the screen of your washing machine at the touch of a button. For example, combine the Extra Dry option with the Eco 50°C program and start washing your dishes with one touch. Customize your dishwashing program based on your own needs with a single selection.


  • Placement: Free
  • Washing programs: 6
  • Start Time Scheduling: Yes
  • Color: Inox

New Energy Label

  • Energy Class: C
  • Energy Consumption: 59 kwh/100 cycles
  • Tableware capacity: 10
  • Water Consumption: 8.9 lt/cycle
  • Program Duration (Eco): 3:15 hrs
  • Noise Level: 44 dB
  • Noise Energy Class: B


  • Height: 84.5 cm
  • Width: 45 cm
  • Depth: 60 cm

Smart Properties

  • Wi-Fi: Yes
Category Dish Washers
Type Free Standing
Specifications & Performance
Color Inox
Energy Class EEI2021 B
Noise Level (dB) 44
Depth (cm) 60
Height (cm) 84.5
Width (cm) 45
More Informations
Dishes (set) 10

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  • Model: S-DISHW-60-000020
  • Weight: 50.00kg
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