I recycle, I change device - All the details of the program - From 21/06/2022 to 05/07/2022 the applications.

The announcement of the program "Recycle - Change Device" that will be implemented within the NSRF 2014-2020 was published in the Official Gazette.

The "RECYCLED-CHANGE DEVICE" Program subsidizes households for:

  • replacement of specific categories of energy-intensive household appliances, with new, environmentally friendly and more energy efficient ones such as:

Air conditioners



  • parallel recycling of old corresponding electrical appliances being replaced.

CAUTION! For each new device that is subsidized, an old device of the same category will have to be recycled through an approved alternative waste management system for electrical and electronic equipment.

Individuals who wish to participate in the Program, submit a request for funding through the electronic platform of the Program https://allazosyskevi.gov.gr

Prior authentication via taxisnet codes is required to submit the application.

After its authentication, the applicant submits an application stating:

  • the 11-digit power supply number of the home where the appliances to be replaced are located,
  • the number of devices per category it wishes to replace,
  • the existence or non-existence of a disabled member in the family, in order to make the occasional cross-check with details of the disability certification center,
  • a unique mobile phone number that will be certified by sending a disposable code, and which will be used after any approval of the funding application for the sending of vouchers, but also for any relevant communication with the beneficiary.
  • The applicant also confirms the data that are automatically drawn from third party services and registers of the State and relate to his application.

Basic Prerequisites:

  • have submitted during the tax year 2020 income tax return (E1) which has been cleared.
  • to be a resident of Greece in the year 2020 you, the 2nd member and the dependent children of your family.

Basic Procedure:

  • You have the right to submit an application for only one of your homes (main or holiday home), in which you choose which three (3) old electrical appliances you will replace between the categories:

up to two (2) appliances of the category "Air Conditioners",

up to one (1) appliance of the category "Refrigerators",

up to one (1) appliance of the category "Freezers"

  • You are selected by the program as a beneficiary. The grant is provided through program vouchers, which you can use to purchase a new device and cover part of the total cost. In case of a negative answer you have the right to object.
  • You purchase the device from specific vendors involved in the program.
  • Deliver your old device to be recycled to a program contractor.

What is the process and how is the device finally recycled and changed with the subsidy from our store?

For Refrigerators, Freezers and Freezers:

  1. The customer states the device to be recycled in his application.
  2. After receiving the Voucher, the customer visits the store and chooses from the eligible devices, energy class E and above, the one of his choice.
  3. Our store delivers the new and collects and certifies the old device for recycling.

especially in the case of refrigerators and freezers, old appliances marked according to the following energy instructions are accepted for recycling:

  • 92/75 / 22.09.92, with application since 1993
  • 94/2 / 21.01.94, with application from 1995
  • 1060/2010 / 28.09.10, with application from 30/11/2011

For Air Conditioners:

  1. The customer states the air conditioner to be recycled in his application.
  2. After receiving the Voucher, the customer visits the store and chooses from the eligible air conditioners, energy class A ++ and above, the one of his choice.
  3. A certified technician visits the customer's premises to certify the existence of the operating air conditioner and to proceed with its dismantling.
  4. Our store delivers the new and collects the old air conditioner for recycling.
  5. Certified Technician undertakes the installation of the new air conditioner.

especially in the case of air conditioners, old appliances with the following coolants are accepted for recycling:

  • R22
  • R407C
  • R410A

* stages 3 & 5 are not eligible for the subsidy amount of the device and are borne by the customer - the customer can choose the technician of his choice - our store will offer certified partner workshops.

CAUTION! The appliance (Fridge, Fridge Freezer, Freezer, Air Conditioner) must be in operation. Damaged devices can not be certified and omitted for recycling. In this case, unnecessary travel expenses may be charged.

This particular blog can be frequently updated with new information and data.

For all the details of the program you can read here: https://www.taxheaven.gr/news/59862/anakyklwnw-allazw-syskeyh-oles-oi-leptomereies-toy-programmatos-apo-21062022-ews-05072022- oi-aithseis