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Indesit BDA 761483X W EE N Indesit BDA 761483X W EE N
2-4 Days
Brand: Indesit Model: S-WDRYER-000004
Free washing machine-dryer Indesit BDA 761483X W EE N for 7 kg washing and 6 kg drying.This free Indesit BDA 761483X W EE N free washer-dryer has: a large drying capacity of 6.0 kg. High, economical spin speed of 1351 rpm.PRODUCT DETAILS:Washing capacity (kg): 7Drying capacity (kg): 6Spin speed (rpm..
Ex Tax:370.16€
Brand: Indesit Model: S-WDRYER-000005
Free washing machine-dryer Indesit BDE 1071682X WS EE N 10 kg washing and 7 kg drying.This free Indesit washer-dryer has: excellent washing capacity of 10.0 kg. High, economical spin speed of 1551 revolutions per minute.PRODUCT DETAILS:Washing capacity (kg): 10Drying capacity (kg): 7Spin speed (rpm)..
Ex Tax:418.55€
Indesit XWDE 1071481XWKKK EU Indesit XWDE 1071481XWKKK EU
-36 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Indesit Model: S-WDRYER-000001
Indesit XWDE 1071481XWKKK EUΑυτό το ελεύθερο πλυντήριο-στεγνωτήριο Indesit διαθέτει: εξαιρετική χωρητικότητα πλύσης 10 κιλών. Μεγάλη χωρητικότητα στεγνώματος 7 κιλών. Υψηλή, οικονομική ταχύτητα στυψίματος 1400 περιστροφών ανά λεπτό. Λευκό χρώμα...
448.00€ 699.00€
Ex Tax:361.29€
LG F2DV5S8H0E Slim LG F2DV5S8H0E Slim
-19 % 2-4 Days
Brand: LG Model: S-WDRYER-000006
Washing Machine / Dryer LG F2DV5S8H0E Slim 8.5 / 5kg, AI DD ™, Steam, TurboWash ™SteamInverter Direct Drive ™ Motor 10 Year warranty with 6 Motion TechnologyEnergy efficiency class (A-G) ETurboWash χνο Technology (59 ')Washing + Drying at the touch of a buttonAdditionally: Add Item / Smart ThinQ ™ /..
649.00€ 799.00€
Ex Tax:523.39€
Out Of Stock
Brand: LG Model: S-WDRYER-000002
LG F4J8FH2WLaundry-Dryer 9/6 kg SteamInverter Direct Drive τέ MotorEnergy Class A.True Steam Technology ™Eco Hybrid Technology6 Motion technologyAdditionally: Add Smart Diagnosis / WiFi
Ex Tax:604.03€
2-4 Days
Brand: SAMSUNG Model: S-WDRYER-000003
SAMSUNG WD80K5A10OW/LVWashing machine - Samsung dryer with a capacity of 8 kg for washing and 4.5 for drying to save space at home!The clothes of the whole family are now very clean, without unpleasant odors but also completely sterile so that you can enjoy the absolute feeling of freshness. The Sam..
Ex Tax:563.70€
Whirlpool FWDD 1071682 WSV EU N Whirlpool FWDD 1071682 WSV EU N
-9 % Is Expected
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-WDRYER-000007
Free washing machine dryer Whirlpool FWDD 1071682 WSV EU N 10 kg washing and 7 kg drying.Innovative technology, special features and user-friendly controls for excellent washing and drying results, extra care for fabrics and ease of use through automatic adjustments.6-SENSE TECHNOLOGY Absolute care ..
589.00€ 649.00€
Ex Tax:475.00€
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