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Big Appliances Instalation

Big Appliances Instalation
Big Appliances Instalation

Big Appliances Instalation

Large Appliance Installation Service such as Washing Machine, Dryer, Washing Machine-Dryer, Kitchen by a specialized technician on the same day as the delivery of the appliance.

Includes transport and placement of the device at the installation site and:


  • Bucket lock (bars).
  • Connection to water supply, sewerage and electricity.
  • Checking good operation (water intake - pumping).
  • Place the dryer on a column / column in the appropriate position.
  • Electricity connection.
  • 3 months work guarantee.


  • Kitchen connection with supply box behind the appliance.
  • 3x6 flexible 130cm supply cable is provided.
  • Demonstration of basic kitchen functions.
  • 3 months installation warranty.

It does not include:

  • Hydraulic water supply installation & supply and drainage extensions are not provided.
  • We do not remove the washing machine plug for direct connection to an electrical box.
  • We do not cut - we shape furniture for the placement of the device.
  • The base for mounting the dryer or the device base.
  • Additional drainage or supply pipes and connectors for connection.
  • The cutting of a bench in built-in hobs.

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