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A single stroke is enough to dry your hair, add volume and create different styles. With the Air Wonder hot air brush, with ion technology and ceramic coated and keratin coated brushes, you can easily change the look whenever you want thanks to the 8 included accessories. Voluminous, straight, wavy, tight curls or natural: you decide!

Thanks to Air Wonder it's really easy to experiment with different styles without stressing your hair. Ceramic coating and keratin coating protect hair and ions help retain moisture to minimize frizz.

You don't need to use the hair dryer first, after tamping your hair you can remove excess water using the Air Wonder with the Dry concentrator that directs the air flow, favoring efficient drying. Then proceed with the Smooth&Delicate brush to gently detangle them: now you're ready to create the look you prefer for any occasion.

Straight, soft and voluminous with the oval Volume&Straight brush that adds volume and body to hair from root to tip. Thanks to the ceramic coating and the keratin coating, it favors the closure of the membranes making the hair shiny.

Straight and gently wavy with shaped edges: just use the Extra Wavy, the 32 mm round brush also covered with ceramic coating and keratin. You can create a soft wavy style or a disciplined straight without frizz.

The round brush 50 mm Straight&Wavy is ideal for long hair: the result is straight and soft wavy and the hair is protected by the ceramic coating and keratin. To create tight and defined curls there is Curly, the 19 mm curling iron, with ceramic coating and keratin. If, on the other hand, you have natural curls, use the Natural Curls attachment to dry them and enhance their elasticity and beauty.

Finally, you can store all the accessories in the convenient beauty bag, the case that helps you keep the styler in order and the 8 accessories that you can take with you on the trip.

A single move to create different styles

The Air Wonder hot air styling brush is really easy to use. As you dry your hair, you create your own styling: straight, wavy or curly and more.

Ceramic, keratin and ions, allies in your hair

The ceramic coating and keratin coating of the attachments protect the hair from heat while the ion technology preserves its moisture. The result is hair that is visibly shiny, silky and alive.

Always with you, even when traveling

Even when you travel, for work or vacation, you can choose your different look at any event. With the convenient beauty bag, you always have everything you need for easy but flawless styling with you.

Custom Styling with 2 temperatures and cold air flow

You can choose between 2 different air and temperature combinations to customize drying and styling. With the stream of cold air you correct the style for a perfect result.

technical specifications

Dry & Style system: the hot air dries and shapes the hair but also respects it

Ceramic and keratin coating: favors protection and gives immediate vitality for silky, shiny and elastic hair

Ionizer: moisturizes, revitalizes and reduces frizz in the hair with the action of ions

2 airflow/temperature combinations: for personalized drying and styling

Cold air position: to fix the cup

8 accessories for drying and styling:

concentrator 2x6 cm: for a preliminary drying of the hair before proceeding with styling.

detangling brush: to prepare the hair for styling, it detangles and arranges it without straining it.

oval volume brush: to give body and volume from root to tip. Ceramic and keratin coating, nylon and plastic bristles ensure maximum tuft control and promote membrane closure for shiny hair.

50 mm round brush: for smooth and soft waves, ideal for long hair. Ceramic and keratin coating, nylon and plastic bristles ensure maximum tuft control and promote membrane closure for shiny hair.

32 mm round brush: for straight and soft wavy and shaped edges. Ceramic and keratin coating, the plastic bristles with rounded tips maintain its intensity.

curling iron 19 mm: for narrow and defined curls. Ceramic coating and keratin, flip to keep the tuft in tension and facilitate styling. ideal iron length for longer hair

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