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Brand: SIEMENS Model: S-WDRYER-000005
Washer dryer SIEMENS WN54G200GR White iQ500Consumption & performanceMaximum capacity: 10 kg for washing, 6 kg for dryingMaximum spin speeds1,400 revolutions / minute  Energy class for washing and drying¹: EConsumption for washing and drying: energy³ 364 kWh, water⁴ 79 ltEnergy class for washing..
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Beko B5DF T 510447 M Beko B5DF T 510447 M
Brand: beko Model: S-WDRYER-000011
Beko B5DF T 510447 M Clothes Washer-Dryer 10kg/6kg 1400 RPMWashing machine - dryer B5DF T 510447 M from the manufacturer Beko, suitable to meet the needs of a large family. The capacity of the wash-only drum is for up to 10 kg of laundry, while the capacity for washing and drying is for up to 6 kg o..
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Indesit BDA 761483X W EE N Indesit BDA 761483X W EE N
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Brand: Indesit Model: S-WDRYER-000004
Free washing machine-dryer Indesit BDA 761483X W EE N for 7 kg washing and 6 kg drying.This free Indesit BDA 761483X W EE N free washer-dryer has: a large drying capacity of 6.0 kg. High, economical spin speed of 1351 rpm.PRODUCT DETAILS:Washing capacity (kg): 7Drying capacity (kg): 6Spin speed (rpm..
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Brand: Indesit Model: S-WDRYER-000006
Free washing machine-dryer Indesit BDE 1071682X WS EE N 10 kg washing and 7 kg drying.This free Indesit washer-dryer has: excellent washing capacity of 10.0 kg. High, economical spin speed of 1551 revolutions per minute.PRODUCT DETAILS:Washing capacity (kg): 10Drying capacity (kg): 7Spin speed (rpm)..
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Brand: PITSOS Model: S-WDRYER-000010
Washer and Dryer PITSOS WDP1400G9 9Kgr / 6Kgr 1400 rpmCharacteristics:Effective removal of the 4 most stubborn stains.New Pitsos washing machines with a quiet and very economical EcoMotor engine, with a 10-year warranty!Hygiene and Freshness in just 30 minutes, without any washing.Intelligent anti-w..
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Brand: PITSOS Model: S-WDRYER-000009
Washer dryer PITSOS WDP14C08GRConsumption and performanceMaximum capacity: 8 kg for washing, 5 kg for dryingMaximum spin speed8: 1,400 rpmEnergy class for washing and drying1:EConsumption for washing and drying: energy3 313 kWh, water4 70 litersEnergy class for washing only2: CConsumption for w..
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Whirlpool FWDD 1071682 WSV EU N Whirlpool FWDD 1071682 WSV EU N
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Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-WDRYER-000008
Free washing machine dryer Whirlpool FWDD 1071682 WSV EU N 10 kg washing and 7 kg drying.Innovative technology, special features and user-friendly controls for excellent washing and drying results, extra care for fabrics and ease of use through automatic adjustments.6-SENSE TECHNOLOGY Absolute care ..
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