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Hisense RB390N4BC20

Hisense RB390N4BC20
Hisense RB390N4BC20
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Hisense RB390N4BC20
Hisense RB390N4BC20
Hisense RB390N4BC20

Hisense RB390N4BC20 fridge-freezer with a capacity of 300 liters, which can comfortably meet the needs of a couple or even a family of 3 people.

Total No Frost technology:

Thanks to the Total No Frost technology, the formation of ice is avoided and therefore defrosting is not required, as the constant air circulation evenly distributes the cooling in the chambers. This has the effect of keeping food fresh for a longer period of time, while at the same time bad odors or mold do not easily develop.

Low noise levels!

It is considered silent, thanks to its low noise level (38db).

New Energy Class:

According to the new energy class it belongs to class E. The new energy efficiency scale consists of classes A to G. Devices with class A (green) are those with the lowest energy consumption, while devices with class G (red) are those with the highest consumption.

It is worth noting that there is no correspondence between the old and the new energy efficiency scale. Based on the new A-G scale, very few refrigerators currently available on the market belong to classes A and B. The majority of products in the category belong to classes F, E and D.

Annual Energy Consumption:

The annual energy consumption reaches 242 kWh/y. The annual energy consumption shows the electricity consumption of the refrigerator over a period of 1 year. The lower its price, the more economical the refrigerator is to use. For example, for refrigerators between 250-300 kwh/y, the electricity cost corresponds to approximately €30 per year.

Height: 185cm

Width: 60cm

Depth: 59.2cm

Cooling System: Total NoFrost

Energy Class: E

Maintenance Capacity: 204lt

Freezer capacity: 96lt

Category Fridge - Bottom Freezer
Specifications & Performance
Color Inox Look
Capacity (Lt) 300
Energy Class EEI2019 A++
Energy Class EEI2021 E
Cooling Technology No Frost
Width (cm) 60
Depth (cm) 59.2
Height (cm) 185

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