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05 Apr Dehumidifiers: Everything you need to know.
Chondrogiannis Antonis 0 186
Dehumidifiers: Everything you would like and need to know if you want to buy or even if you already have a dehumidifier.What is humidity?First of all, let's start with the most basic. What is humidity or better relative humidity (SY or RH)? Simply put, to avoid confusion with mathematical formulas and related, relative humidity is the percentage of..
01 Apr Air Conditioners: The most economical way of heating? Myth or Truth?
Chondrogiannis Antonis 0 347
Air conditioners: The most economical way of heating? Myth or Truth?There is often a lot of "gossip" about what is the most economical source of heating for a space, which, depending on who spreads it, shapes it according to its benefit. A typical example is the "telemarketing" category ads which advertise various devices that simply "work wonders"..
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