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Fujitsu ASYG12KPCA

Fujitsu ASYG12KPCA
Fujitsu ASYG12KPCA
Fujitsu ASYG12KPCA
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Fujitsu ASYG12KPCA
Fujitsu ASYG12KPCA
Fujitsu ASYG12KPCA
Fujitsu ASYG12KPCA

Fujitsu KPCA 12kBTU Wall Conditioner - Fujitsu ASYG12KPCA

Aerodynamic Design: Aerodynamic design offers unique comfort, while significantly contributing to the reduction of noise and vibration, so that you can enjoy an ideal temperature without disturbance.

Very Low Consumption: Thanks to the very low consumption, you can enjoy the temperature you want, carefree and without thinking about your wallets.

High Air Supply: High efficiency and strong air supply are achieved through the large heat exchanger, the high efficiency fan, the increased power compressor and the new design of the internal structure.

Wireless Wi-Fi control: Controlling your air conditioner is very easy whether you are at home or away from your smartphone and tablet thanks to the wireless LAN interface and the FGLair application.


  • Economic Operation: Limits the maximum operating current and allows energy savings.
  • Power Mode: Operates at maximum fan and compressor speeds to quickly achieve a comfort condition.
  • Automatic Switching: This function allows the automatic switching of cooling or heating according to the selected room temperature.
  • Moving Up / Down Blades: Automatic movement of the flow control blades up / down.
  • Automatic regulation of air flow: The flow is automatically regulated by the Microcomputer according to the temperature needs of the room.
  • Automatic Restart: By resetting the power supply after a temporary power outage, the air conditioner starts automatically with the same settings as before.
  • Sleep Timer: Based on the operating time, the Microcomputer gradually changes the temperature of choice for sleeping comfort.
  • Timer Programming: The digital timer allows you to select one of the functions: ON, OFF, ON »OFF or OFF» ON.
  • Filter Indication: Reminds you of the need to clean the filter.
  • Washable Front: Removable and Washable Front.


  • Rated Yield Btu / h 12000
  • Energy Cooling Class A ++
  • Energy Zone Heating Zone A ++
  • Medium Zone Heating Energy Class A +
  • 3-year warranty for all parts without restrictions and an additional 7 years for the compressor
  • Inverter technology
  • Operation Type Ψ / Θ
  • Wi-Fi function Optional
  • Wi-Fi Module Code UTY-TFSXF2
  • Outdoor Unit Code AOYG12KPCA
  • Operating Voltage V-Hz-Ph 230V, 50Hz, 1Ph
  • Cooling efficiency Btu / h 11600 (3071-12625)
  • Cooling efficiency kW 3.4 (0.9-3.7)
  • Thermal efficiency Btu / h 13000 (3071-16378)
  • Thermal efficiency kW 3.8 (0.9-4.8)
  • Seasonal degree of energy efficiency (SEER) (cooling) 6.30
  • Seasonal efficiency factor (SCOP) Heating (Medium) 4.10
  • Seasonal efficiency factor (SCOP) Heating (Warm) 4.90
  • Dehumidification L / h 1.8
  • Indoor Unit Noise Level dB (A) Lp (Υ / Μ / Χ / H) 46/40/33/22
  • Indoor Unit Sound Power dB (A) Lw 59
  • Outdoor Unit Noise Level dB (A) Lp (H) 49
  • Outdoor Unit Sound Power in dB (A) Lw 62
  • Air supply m3 / h (Y / M / X) Indoor 630 / - / -
  • Air supply m3 / h (H) Outdoor 1700
  • Energy consumption kWh per year (cooling) 189
  • Energy Consumption kWh per year (I) Average / Warm 853
  • Content R32 0.59
  • Prepaid liquid 15m
  • Indoor Unit Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 270 x 784 x 224
  • Outdoor Unit Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 541 x 663 x 290
  • Indoor Unit Weight (Kg) 8
  • Outdoor Unit Weight (Kg) 25
  • Liquid / Gas Piping Diameter mm (inch) 6.35 (1/4) /9.52 (3/8)
  • Total Piping Length / Altitude Difference m 20 - 15
  • Temperature Range -10 ~ 46 / -15 ~ 24
  • Coolant R32
Category Air Condition
Type Τοίχου
Specifications & Performance
Energy Class EEI2019 A+++
Refrigerant R32
Min. Noise (dB) 22
Nominal Power (btu) 12000
SCOP 4.9
SEER 6.3
More Informations
Compressor Warranty (Years) 10
EUROVENT Certified Yes
Hotel Menu No
Ionizer No
Warranty (Years) 3
WiFi Ready

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  • Stock: 2-4 Days
  • Model: S-CLIM-000128
  • Weight: 50.00kg
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