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AEG A4WMSTPN1 Stain Removal Pen Ultrasonic AEG A4WMSTPN1 Stain Removal Pen Ultrasonic
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Brand: AEG Model: S-CLTHS-000004
AEG A4WMSTPN1 ULTRASONIC STAIN REMOVER PENThe Ultrasonic Stain Remover Pen directly targets tough stains - from ink to coffee - by pre-treating clothes before they're even washed. Apply to the problem area. Let the water and detergent with ultrasonic technology work. Then machine wash for impressive..
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Ex Tax:76.61€
AEG L6FNK48WG 8Kgr 1400rpm AEG L6FNK48WG 8Kgr 1400rpm
-13 %
Brand: AEG Model: S-WM-000059
The AEG L6FNK48WG washing machine has a drum capacity suitable for up to 8 kg of unwashed clothes, and can meet the needs of a family of four. The clothes are loaded from the round door at the front of the device, and for this reason it is called front loading.It is energy class C, which means that ..
529.00€ 609.00€
Ex Tax:426.61€
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