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Adler AD 2251 Hair dryer 1400 W Adler AD 2251 Hair dryer 1400 W
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Brand: ADLER Model: S-WOMAN-000055
1400 W hair dryer with a modern design Adler AD 2251 Hair dryer 1400 WAt the same time it is very efficient and durable - all thanks to utilisation of high-quality materials. It is a perfect choice for people who spend more than five seconds to make their coiffure. Diverse speed settings make i..
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Adler AD 5015 Iron travel 700 W Adler AD 5015 Iron travel 700 W
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Brand: ADLER Model: S-IRN-000009
A travel iron Adler AD 5015 Iron travel rated at 700 W that is a perfect when one is travelling .It was prepared for people who care about looking elegant even in such places where obtaining an iron is not available. Thanks to its small size and folding handle it will easily fit into every..
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Brand: ADLER Model: S-WOMAN-000039
Adler AD 203 Hair styler, a great choice for a lady who wishes to bring out the beauty of her hair. Elegant hair styler with two removable tower brushes of a different size. Thanks to 3 stages of temperature control and to having 550W of power it allows to fix the curls as well as to to create volum..
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Brand: ADLER Model: S-WOMAN-000069
Adler AD-2247 Dryer Travel Hair Dryer 1400 W..
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Brand: ADLER Model: S-KITCH-000014
Precision scales ADLER AD3162 0.1gr to 700grMeasurement from 0.1gr to 700gr / 1.65lbSetting setting between gr / ct / gn / oz / oztTare weight operationIlluminated LED DisplayOverload and low battery indicatorOperates on 2 2x3V CR2032 batteries (included)..
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