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Air heaters, Wall and floor radiators, Heaters - Quartz Stoves - Quartz, Oil Heaters, Radiators and Mica Heaters (MICA) and all heating appliances that convert electricity into heat with an Efficiency Index of 100% absolute.

ADAX Standard VP910 KET 1000W ADAX Standard VP910 KET 1000W
Brand: ADAX Model: S-RADHEAT-000061
Heat Radiator ADAX Standard VP910 KET 1000WThe ADAX Basic radiator offers an ideal combination of heating efficiency combining heat emission with natural air movement.Modern slim design and high quality construction.Designed to adapt easily to spaces, it has high efficiency with economy in cons..
99.00€ 183.00€
Ex Tax:79.84€
ECONO-HEAT eheater3 ECONO-HEAT eheater3
-27 %
Model: S-HEATERS-000026
Econo Heat e-heater 3 Wall Heating PanelHeating wall panel power 416W, space coverage 12 m2, with silent operation.Characteristics:Power: 416 WattHeating Type: ConventionalInstallation: Wall mountedRecommended for Rooms up to m2: 12Room Thermostat: Not availableSupport Base: ProvidedEcono Heat Wall ..
79.90€ 109.00€
Ex Tax:64.44€
Brand: G3FERRARI Model: S-HEATERS-000007
The G3Ferrari G60019 fan heater heats your home but can also heat your bathroom with IP21.G3 Ferrari presents the new range of products for home heating, designed to ensure maximum comfort and full respect for the environment.Made according to the latest safety instructions, the units feature innova..
Ex Tax:28.95€
gruppe YHA01E-11
-12 %
Brand: gruppe Model: S-HEATERS-000027
Electric oil heater Primo PRRH-81003 with 11 large slices, 2500W, with digital thermostat.11 SlicesOn / Off power switchDigital temperature setting from 5? C to 35? CLED screen with white lighting24 hour timerAutomatic shutdown of the device in case of overheatingAutomatic shutdown in case of device..
96.90€ 109.90€
Ex Tax:78.15€
Model: S-HEATERS-000006
Air heater Hotty FH03 2000WWarm up efficiently and instantly with the new Hotty FH03 fan heater. It has two power control switches to choose between two levels 1000W / 2000W, as well as an adjustable thermostat to maintain the desired temperature level in the room.In addition, it has an overheating ..
Ex Tax:10.40€
IQ HT-1432 MICA 2500W
-14 %
Brand: IQ Model: S-OILHEAT-000060
HEATER IQ HT-1432 MICA 2500W2 temperature positions 1250W / 2500W5 slices of micaHigh and fast temperature efficiency Adjustable thermostatRollover & overheating insurancePower 2500W, 230v-50Hz..
85.00€ 99.00€
Ex Tax:68.55€
-18 %
Brand: IQ Model: S-QTZHEAT-000057
HEATERS IQ QUARTZ HT-1453Power 1500W2 heat levels3 quartz lampsRollover safety..
32.90€ 40.00€
Ex Tax:26.53€
-21 %
Brand: IQ Model: S-QTZHEAT-000058
HEATERS IQ QUARTZ HT-14752 temperature positions 1200/1800 Watt3 quartz lampsPower 1800 Watt, 230V ~ 50HzWith rollover safety..
34.90€ 44.00€
Ex Tax:28.15€
Izzy IZ-9018 Mica Heater 2400W
-39 %
Brand: izzy Model: S-HEATERS-000031
Heating Izzy IZ-9018 Mica Heater 2400W2400W2 heating stages 1200W-2400W4 mica heating elements for maximum efficiency and economyRapid heatingAdjustable thermostat to maintain the desired temperatureLarge range and immediate heat output in the spaceOverheat protectionSafety system in case of fall..
74.90€ 122.00€
Ex Tax:60.40€
-22 %
Brand: KEROSUN Model: S-HEATERS-000016
KEROSUN KFH-809B BATHROOM HEATERThe economical heating solution. Choose the fan heater that suits your needs, with simple or ceramic resistance and enjoy their warmth at a very low cost. For cold winter days and for a bath with enough humidity, choose one of the products of the KEROSUN Room / Bath A..
29.00€ 37.00€
Ex Tax:23.39€
-22 %
Brand: KEROSUN Model: S-HEATERS-000015
Oil heater KEROSUN KOR-11EB 2500W with digital thermostat.Electric Oil Radiator KOR-11EB by Kerosun with power 2,500W for spaces up to 30m2. It has 3 power levels, while thanks to the digital panel you handle its functions with absolute precision! And if you want to reduce costs even more, the ECO o..
105.00€ 135.00€
Ex Tax:84.68€
-32 %
Brand: KEROSUN Model: S-HEATERS-000014
Radiator - Heat Radiator  MICA 2000W KRMC-20E that combines all the advantages of all heating radiators.Warm up economically with the latest generation KEROSUN Mica heaters. Thanks to the innovative combination of cyclothermal and infrared heating, you can now benefit from the faster heating of..
109.00€ 160.00€
Ex Tax:87.90€
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